Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jewelry from your jewel box dregs

I gave away a lot of jewelry at the yard sale. I didn't even bother putting prices on the pieces I gave up. Almost all of the items were things I had been given for free, other people's leftovers, so I felt fine with it. However, if you look around there are so many people creating businesses out of assembling old jewelry leftovers into new pieces.

Maybe I can inspire you to make some magic happen in your jewelry box before you become thoroughly fed up with everything you have.

This is a necklace clipping I've had in my scrapbooks for years. Unfortunately, I can't remember where it was from or how much the maker wanted for it. However, you see this necklace is just a grosgrain ribbon with D-ring belt attachments, like these, looped through it. Yes, the same kind of ribbon and buckles you can get at your local fabric store. I keep meaning to make one in silver but forget all about when I'm actually in the fabric store. Let me know if you make one though, ok?

Then there's this article by Justina Blakeney at Venus Zine, on making a necklace from excess jewelry that you have, the one earring from a set you keep holding on to, that broken necklace pendent, and those loose beads from that split bracelet. By the way, Venus Zine has a great DIY project section, you should check it out.

Other jewelry that shares this hod-podge aesthetic:

Images: Life is Examined, Venus Zine, Glamour, and SELF magazines.

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