Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me, shopping?

Well, that last post was a hoot wasn't it? I first write about not having money to spend and then I write about stuff I'm about to buy. Well, that's what happens when delusion sets in and you haven't looked at your bank balance lately.

However, I DO need a cardigan for work but after thinking about the Target loot, did I really want a short sleeve cardigan? I had to remind myself that my goal for a cardigan was one that would keep me warm at work and for that I really do need sleeves. So, I decided to do a little cyber window shopping and found these two beauties at Old Navy (aka ON). I love the cable knits, the heathered colors, the general slouchiness, and of course the full-length sleeves.

Hooded tie-waist, $45 Cable knit, $35

So how was I going to make up my mind? By going to Old Navy and trying them on. I tend to try a variety of sizes to see which looks best on me. I tried most of the cardigans on in large and medium. Because of the length some looked great in the shoulder area but when it got to the hips, they either would not button up, didn't look good if they did button, or just "cupped the bum" far too much. Here are some photos; most are headless because it seems I make bizarre faces when photographing my clothes for some reason!

Hooded Tie-waist

Cable Knit
Check out these collar variations!

Even though I was there to try on cardigans only, this little sweater dress caught my eye so I also tried it on in medium and small. It's cool and I liked it. However, because of it's neckline it needs to be layered over something else. Worn with my racer-back tank, the bottom of my knit top was lumpy around the waist area. It might have been fine if the dress had a waist seam but because of the empire styling, the tank's bottom hem was very noticeable. So I would suggest a good crewneck or v-neck slip dress to wear under this dress. Otherwise, it is a very cute dress! However, because it was not a cardigan, it was not to be this time.

Hooded sweater dress $35

Next: My adventures at Target...


Amy Bailes said...

You didn't buy one of the cardigans? You've got alot better self-control than me.

lsaspacey said...

Psst...wait and see. There are more adventures coming. By the way, which one do you think I should have bought?

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I agree with you on the short sleeved cardigans. They're cute but I don't quite get it.

Amy Bailes said...

Well, I like the hooded tie-waist best, but I'm guessing that is the one that didn't button all the way?

Anonymous said...

I love Old Navy & I especially love sweater dresses.