Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Target for the win?

The black Merona sweater coat from Target may* have won the challenge to stay in my wardrobe and take its place as my new cardigan.

As it turns out the Old Navy cardigan was only serviceable, not really cute and funky once it was layered over anything more complicated than a brown racer-back tank that strangely enough was originally from Old Navy. Hmmm...

In other matters, the Clark Devine has been asked to join the wardrobe family as it was on major sale at I was very enamored of the Nicole Beautiful but unfortunately it was not on sale AND it's mixture of red and brown was not as closet-friendly with all of my black skirts and trousers. Hopefully, the Devine may have an easier time finding its place among them, as well as, with the various shades of brown and brown-friendly prints I already have in my closet. It should be arriving today!

*An employee in my department was let go yesterday, so I think the Target cardigan is going back too. My older black cardigan isn't in that bad a shape if I get some funky cool patches on the elbows as soon as possible. Of course, I had a chance to repair it very early in the unraveling process but procrastinated. Oh well.


drwende said...

Adorable shoes!

I enjoy your shopping photos so much but never comment because I have nothing useful to say.

Morticia Addams said...

Hi. I found your comment on a jane Austen blog. You sound like an interesting person.

I personally couldn't get away with a cardigan, though.

Have a happy weekend!