Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yes, shopping...

As it turned out, I do have a bit of money to spend, $80 in fact from those Clarks that I returned. I turned around and ordered these Merrells but a few days later I received a voice mail that The Walking Company could no longer get them (at least not at that reduced price), so that money is now back in the pot. Since it was part of the wedding payment, I still want to spend it on something fun. Hence these shopping posts and that one on red shoes.

Well, back to last weekend:

after Old Navy I ran over to Target before I got exhausted from trying on sweaters in 70 to 80 (!) degree weather. I decided to try on that short sleeve cardigan again, just to be sure. I also tried on any other cardigan that might possibly work out. One of my steadfast and never fail rules is that you never eliminate a garment that catches your eye until you actually try the garment on.


Mossimo Juniors mock turtleneck sweater coat, $35

It does look as good as in the picture, great quality, and has great detail in the pattern (see top photo). However, a short sleeve cardigan is not going to cut it for me, especially since in one day our temperature here dropped from the mid 80s to the low 40s!

Merona one-button car coat, $40

If I had seen the picture before I would not have tried this one on. The picture was incredibly honest. The one I picked up was constructed poorly as you can tell from the neckline but the sleeves were still an awkward length and not flattering at all.

Mossimo mock-neck cardigan, $30

This looks promising but I don't recall seeing this in the store. Perhaps it was because of that great low price. Or it was so unattractive I didn't give it a second look. Who knows.

Merona scarf sweater $40

I love this one! It's not really practical as a throw on/off cardigan because of the hidden button and scarf panels but once done up it is extremely elegant. I especially love the silhouette. I automatically saw it with a short pencil skirt, tights, and pumps though it also looked great with my cords and ballet slipper-like Borns.

So what did I end up buying? Well I was a bad girl and brought two cardigans home on probation. One was the more casual ON cable knit in pale gray and the other was the Merona scarf coat because it was so fittin' elegant I couldn't leave it in the store!

Update: This occurred last weekend so there is a shakeup going on right now. I'm going to try them on again with different items in my wardrobe to see which one deserves to stay. You see, one of these red shoes is on considerable sale and I do still need to replace my other pumps. In total, I can only afford around $80 worth of merchandise. One of the sweaters must go back. I'll let you know which one soon.

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Anonymous said...

I love that scarf sweater. They sold out in a day at my local Target, which surprised me as it was in the high 90s that weekend. I'll be ordering mine online :)