Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting my Sigg on...

the two top choices now.

I don't drink enough water anymore and I need to change that. We have a water fountain in the office but I need something to keep it in. Since I work in the archives; where we ask our customers not to eat or drink, it has to be beyond reproach if I'm seen drinking from it from behind my desk. So I'm going to get a Sigg, which I've been wanting for months. But have you been to their site, there are way too many choices available. I found (via Dooce!) this other resource, Swiss, for their products that seems to have narrowed the choices down a bit. This will probably be the way I go. Above are Circles Cinnamon and Tomorrow Blossoms.

Note: While I've been taking my infamous long time to make a decision a report was released stating that some polycarbonate plastic #7 bottles were leaching the chemical BPA. This caused a run on all stainless steel water bottles and has made SIGG products in this country very scarce. Hopefully, I can still get my bottle.

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