Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wardrobe Therapy Inspiration

The Wardrobe Project*on Flickr, found via Casey's Musings:

I followed this link to something that I think might help a lot of us still dealing with more clothes than we can deal with. Here is what Johanni has to say:

I have lots of clothes I never wear, so I thought I'd make a project of using them. I will go through my wardrobe one garment a day, build a great outfit around it, and take a photo. When I'm finished I'll have a bunch of photos for inspiration whenever I feel I have nothing to wear. And I'll know what I should get rid of.

Now, I will not be photographing mine, but I will adapt this idea for my closet culling project. I will try on one item a day and see if I can easily, (and only visually) put it together with other items in my closet to make a cute outfit without having to buy or make anything new. If not, it immediately goes in the outbox (with its' days numbered.)

* Johanni's project is also fun because of the drool factor involved in viewing her retro-fabulous clothes!


drwende said...

Wonderful idea!

Doing something similar to that (deliberately trying to wear things, no photos) convinced me to donate a number of unfortunate clothing choices.

Gladys said...

I think this is a great idea! I need to put it into practice as well....

puglyfeet said...

I agree -- her clothes are fab! I love her makeup, too.