Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wedding 08: Draping the Interior

Task: Create a special almost ethereal space for the reception.

Goal: To use the room structure and fabric to evoke a draped tent effect in the reception room.

First Thoughts: The planned room luckily is equipped with visible metal room ceiling supports from which tulle can be draped. The caterer is willing to attempt this if supplied with the fabric for an extremely reasonable additional fee. Our job is to calculate the correct amount of fabric needed to achieve the best results. So, definitely looking for people who have done this before. Also hoping the caterer has prior experience and perhaps photos of how they achieved it. The photos would definitely help us in calculating the fabric yardage. Professional ceiling draping is usually done with semi-sheer voile, but more economically can be done with a fine net tulle. Luckily, tulle is cheap (under $3 a yard) and comes in 108" widths so that does help a bit. Update: Don't do tulle, voile is what you want. Try; Hancock Fabrics; Jo-Ann Fabrics; Wholesale Fabrics; and Harts Fabric.

Examples of two popular techniques: Flat drape and Swag

This portfolio from One Source Weddings in Tennessee is truly inspirational for any couple looking at less-than-wonderful venues. It shows the immense difference that draping can do for any venue, from staid conference rooms to high school gyms.

This one is actually a pre-assembled curtain that is erected on-site.

Photo Credits: The Bride's Cafe, The Foundry L.I.C. (2), Styled Weddings and Events


Raquel said...


I think these venues look amazing & quite lovely. They come alive with the draping. Draping can turn the simple into simply gorgeous!!! I am getting married and plan to purchase 4, 10X 20 garage tents. Well those are what they are technically called. However, I believe they are absolutely perfect for my vision of Urban Garden Glam. I plan to drape these tents with fabric along with my very creatively fabulous wedding coordinator. I need help finding the proper draping fabric at an economical price, can you help? All energies would be greatly appreciated!!!! :)

lsaspacey said...

I did a very quick search for you and here are a few places that seem to carry a good variety of voile:; Hancock Fabrics; Jo-Ann Fabrics; Wholesale Fabrics; Harts Fabric. As you can see, the prices vary. I hope these help. The wedding I worked on the bride had already purchased tulle so the caterer tried to use that, but we ended up scrapping it. Don't use tulle! It did not have the same glam look that voile will have. Good luck!

Raquel said...

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your response as well as your time and energies. Your links have really helped decrease my endless searching. Glad you warned me about the tulle, cause you know I was thinking about it :) My wedding is not until April 2009, but I plan to practice before hand so we know exactly what we want when the time comes. Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!! CHEERS!

cynthia said...

I plan to drape my ceilings for my wedding How do es the material stay on the ceiling? is it tacked or tape. how dow you get the wavws so perfect? I love your work. Cynthia

lsaspacey said...

I'm not sure, I actually haven't done this myself. Perhaps you can call the company I mentioned in the post and see if they can help you. Good luck!