Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If You Want To Make A Quilt...

After writing about quilts so much lately I decided to share the research I've had saved for the last two years. I have already done the groundwork in trying to find the easiest ones for a beginner (like me!) to undertake.

Here are some options:

Instructions for a simple (but colorful) strip quilt at the Film In The Fridge site. Her quilts are so lovely!

One of the "crazy" quilt squares

All Sorts
' great visual tutorial for the Crazy Nine Patch quilt - I suggest you buy a rotary cutter and mat for this one or cutting your pieces accurately without those could drive you bonkers.

There are instructions for a crib-size version of a Flock of Triangles quilt in Denyse Schmidt's first quilt book. Altering this to make an adult-size quilt will require some math. I'm just warning you. Here's an inspirational post from blogger Marirob who made this one as her very first quilt, yes, first!

Lady Harvatine's doll-size Confetti quilt tutorial. So cute.

2012 Addition: I'm adding another great tutorial, for a Double Diamond 4-Patch quilt courtesy of Crooked Seams.

So, go out there and make a quilt for your home!

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