Saturday, June 21, 2008

The shoe that got away...

and its possible replacements.

A few months ago I was lusting after another pair of Miz Mooz shoes. I thought I could wait them out for it to go on sale, when low and behold they just disappeared from their website. Man, was I mad at myself. Here is a picture I luckily had favorite-d on Flickr. Unfortunately, I can't even remember the name of this style. Anyone remember? The name is Babs, thanks Pugly Feet!

Photo by ertiepie

Isn't it lover-ly?

Well, I have allowed myself time to mourn but I still need this shoe. Well, as it turns out a lot of people, some shoe designers too, must have thought that little shoe had something because lately I've seen pretenders around. Let's call it the "gathered-toe" ballet flat.

Hidden-heel Mary Janes, Old Navy, $20

Cherish @ Payless, $20

Bridge, Payless, $19

Kash Kitten Heel, Payless, $20

Other loveable shoes seen around:

Cameo Mary-Jane, Payless, $19

Shauna, Target, $15

Shadow Peep-toe, Payless,$19

Yacht Espadrille, Payless, $15

What have you seen out there that you'd like to buy?


puglyfeet said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your first photo of the lost Miz Mooz -- what beauties! Sigh... Thanks for posting the look-alikes.

puglyfeet said...

Found the name: Babs

lsaspacey said...

Thanks!!! eBay here I come!

FoxyRoxy said...

love the last ones