Friday, March 27, 2009


  • Finally finished stuffing two Wee Wonderful dolls. Their faces have to be sewn on tomorrow night as at least one will be delivered on Saturday at a baby shower.
  • At said baby shower, I will be wearing my New York & Co. dress for the first time with my cordovan Clarks. Of course, I will try to get a picture for the blog.
  • Spent some of last night hand sewing the hem on that "quick & easy" gray skirt. I shortened it four inches after I couldn't stand feeling frumpy in it. I wanted to wear it today so a quick sewing machine hem was done but as time goes by I will hand sew the hem bit by bit. The Philip Lim-inspired sash was finished a few days ago.
  • My belly dance class is going great!
  • Doctor's appointment #1 went well and I have a mammogram scheduled for Monday.
  • Will try to get to the Anda dress. It is ridiculous that a simple dress like that is still not done. I just haven't had time to check the fit on me.

  • If I opened an Etsy shop, selling different sewn accessory items and a few key clothing pieces, what do you think I should call it?


Antoinette said...

Yes, yes, photos of The Dress and The Skirt, please.

space/time is my suggestion for your Etsy shop name. :)

shonda said...

Ohhh, can't wait to the pics. Sorry, I haven't a clue about a name.