Friday, March 20, 2009

That is a big deal

I just found out that for the rest of March, all the actresses on ABC's All My Children will be wearing clothes from New York & Company. How did the company get that to happen? That's huge! I heard about it through the PR emails they keep sending me but there isn't anything about this on their website.

So, if you watch the show, let me know if you see my dress. Yes, I said MY dress. After they sent me multiple emails with coupon offers, I finally went and bought it for myself for 20% off. In addition, the little sweater is now $25 online, so I'm just waiting for their next 20% off coupon to snatch that up too.

Yes, I'm getting a tax return and I think I shouldn't feel guilty for spending less than $20 on a little cardigan.

I also want you to know that they are currently having 70% off sales, so you should check them out. Here are just a few of the incredible deals on the site right now:

Cute paper-bag waisted skirt for $8!
The safari dress shown in this post is now $30
The cute shirt also in that post is now only $20

(Hey, I wonder if they are getting La Lucci to actually wear their stuff too?!)

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Antoinette said...

AWESOME news about the dress! Looked so great on you in the sneak preview shot. :)