Sunday, March 01, 2009

Need an energy boost

Yesterday: I did a major Holly Hunter-Broadcast News* cry today on the way to a baby shower. Not good. Had attempted to complete some baby booties in time, but did not succeed.

Update: Made bootie progress!

Today: Going to try on that New York & Co dress again (hey, it makes me feel good and maybe it will be on sale!) AND drop by Anthropologie for some free inspiration. Update: I was stopped by the snow.

Monday: Must make appointments to see some body & mind doctors (long overdue New Year's goals) and sign up for a belly dance class for some needed social interaction and exercise. I met the instructor yesterday at the aforementioned baby shower. Hopefully, the doctors will work with me on my lethargy, nutrition, and depression issues and things can start looking up. Update: Everything above was closed but I left messages and will call again tomorrow. To make up for this though, I did start my taxes online.

*After seeing the above-linked clip I remember how much I love that movie! Must see again soon.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I really need to get around to seeing that movie. Everyone talks about how good that crying scene is.

I empathize. I had a wedding shower to go to yesterday. Yuck.

Laura said...

You should absolutely go back and get the dress. I picked it up and work it for a work funtion this week and got tons of compliments. People thought it was some fancy pants designer and were floored when I told them it we NY & Co.